Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser

Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser

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The Mishki Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser is designed to give you salon-worthy results in less than 5 minutes. You will notice smaller pores and flawless, glowing skin after just one use!

Our best-selling device has three modes - Lifting, Deep Cleaning & Rejuvenating. 

It lifts the skin and deep cleans pores using nothing but water & rejuvenates the skin by helping serums penetrate the skin for maximum absorption. Meaning your expensive skin serums will actually be working deep within your skin layers, not just sitting on top or rubbing off on your silk pillowcase 💕

Don't worry, it comes with a detailed instructions handbook so anyone (yes, including your man!) can start using it and become a skincare pro!

One sleek device, 3 modes!

Wet your face with water, or apply your favourite cleanser, and use Mode 1 on the Mishki Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser to clear out blackheads, dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue.

Apply your serums and/or moisturisers and use Mode 2 on the Mishki Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser to deeply penetrate your serums into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

On damp skin, use Mode 3 on the Mishki Ultrasonic Skin Cleanser to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while lifting and tightening the skin.